Proactive Investment Strategy

The word passive isn't in our lexicon

Hawthorn has a defined and proactive strategy to source proprietary investments and a results-driven management process to ensure opportunities are maximized.

We focus on investing in growth-oriented, middle market companies based in North America that are in the process of building and evolving their companies.

We value companies that have sustainable Competitive Advantages – these companies demonstrate unique processes, proprietary knowledge, business practices or intellectual property which creates a protected niche market position. We call these companies knowledge-based businesses: where value is derived primarily from intellectual capabilities rather than physical assets.

That's our sweet spot, and it's why we strive to partner with, and augment, management teams in a transitional phase, those that have successfully leveraged their defined Competitive Advantages – as evidenced by their
market leadership and robust financials relative to industry peers.

By building on our three strengths – being proactive, building collaborative partnerships with management teams and our ability to think creatively we maximize the advantage of these types of businesses and ultimately our investors.